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We offer services on a one-time basis and as part of a continuing "wellness program."


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Initial Visit                                  90 Min/$150    

                                                         120 Min/$190


An initial visit can range from 90-120 minutes. During this time the Doctor will do a urine and saliva test (please don't eat, drink, or chew gum 15 minutes prior to your appointment). You may experience a Bio-Energetic Scan, various Magnet Therapies, and/or Muscle Testing.  The appointment fee is determined by length of time spent with the Naturopath.  Supplements and other therapies are available at an additional cost.


Nutritional Consultation with Food Sensitivity Scan

                                                                         15 Min/$35


A BioEnergetic Food Scan is done against 460 different foods and food additives showing sensitivities. This is not a blood test, but some people find it may be very similar to what shows up on a blood test for food allergens. It is an inexpensive way to discover what may be triggering certain responses. We offer allergy support, and some have found relief from specific allergies such as wheat and egg using homeopathic protocols, however each person's body response may require different treatments and length of time for treatment.

BioEnergetic Testing                                           60 Min/$85

                                                      Add-on to Office Visit/$50


BioEnergetic Advanced Scanning helps determine imbalances in the body and body systems, then suggests homeopathic remedies, supplements, vitamins, herbs, and/or essential oils your body prefers to use to bring it into balance. A four-week protocol to follow is given specific to your body. Ongoing protocols are needed for chronic cases.

BioEnergetic testing is based on the body’s ability to receive and respond to information in the form of subtle, non-verbal stimuli using the body’s natural energetic field. This technology may be used for both acute and chronic situations.

Ionic Detoxing Foot Baths                     45 Min/$45


Ionic Detoxing Foot Baths are a great way to detox the body. An ionizing cartridge placed into a tub of water creates a negative ionized charge, which in turn pulls the (positive) toxins out of the body. Originally, this was created for ridding the body of inflammation from arthritis; however, it is a great remedy when coming down with a cold or flu virus, or for any aches and pains.                                                      

                                                                                            Set of 3/$120

                                                                                                                   Set of 5/$190

                                                                                                                   Set of 7/$250

PEMF Therapy                                                $1/Min


PEMF Therapy has been found to be beneficial for both  people and animals.  Our clients have found it effective in reducing pain and strengthening the body.

Relaxation Massage        60 Min/$65-$75

                                                      30 Min/$35


Using swedish massage techniques and massage oil, this massage will bring you to a wonderful state of relaxation. 

Essential Oil Massages


Raindrop Massage                                60 Min/$150

Aromatherapy Massage                60 Min/$75-$85

Aromatherapy Massage                30 Min/$40-$45

Aromatherapy Hot Pack                         15 Min/$35


Using only 100% therapuetic grade essential oils on the shoulders, feet, and spine the body is able to enter into a calming state and bring the body back into balance. The essential oils create a 'hostile environment' for viruses, bacteria, and fungus to live thus driving them out of the body and boosting the immune system so the body can heal itself. (A full body massage may be included.)


                                                             More Specialty Massages


Hot Stone Massage                   60 Min/$75


Bamboo Massage                      60 Min/$75

Bamboo Massage                      30 Min/$40


Manual Lymphatic Drainage  50 Min/$65

Reflexology                                      30 Min/$45

                                                             45 Min/$65

                                           Add on for $1.50/Min


Reflexology on the feet or the hands feels great and does wonders in many cases. Specific techniques done on certain points helps to stimulate organs and release toxins from the body. Reflexology may be done in single appointments, or it may be added on to any service for an additional charge.

Perception Reframing/Voice Mapping Technology

                       Initial Scan and Reframing    60 Min/$85

                                 Subsequent Rounds     $15/Round

    Generational Freedom (Multiple Appts)              $275


Perception Reframing via Voice Mapping Technology creates visual maps of a client’s perceptions about specific topics like health, relationships, work, or athletic performance; really, any aspect of life. Negative impulses in the voice are detected, then positive impulses are sent to the body/brain to bring about positive, healthy change in the mindset.

Emotion Code/Magnet Stress Release                                    up to  30 Min/$45


This technique assists the individual in releasing stored emotional stress.

Emotional Release                                  2 Hours/$250


Emotions are stored in the amygdala gland in the brain and in different parts of our body including organs, as well as in our DNA. Essential oils are used in a specific order by both smelling them and applying on specific target points on the head and body to initiate release of stored emotional toxins in a safe and comfortable environment.

You can now get Kangen Water at our clinic.  Kangen Water is alkalizing, anti-oxidant, and more easily absorbed than other waters.

Due to chemical sensitivies, we ask that you refrain from wearing perfume or cologne when you visit our office.  Thank you for your cooperation!

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