Emotional or Stress Release Services

Flower Essences

Session      15 minutes             $35/includes bottle with your 5-6 Flower Essences                        

Flower Essences are a natural calmer, like a natural Prozac or Wellbutrin. The body recognizes the Flower Essences as a natural substance and therefore can utilize it safely with no side effects.

Emotional Release

                                                                              2 hours                     $250



If you could uncover and heal the root cause of your illness, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, disorder, addiction, or emotional pain, would you?


Research has suggested that we carry in our DNA inherited emotional baggage from past generations as well as emotional baggage from our own life history even going back to our birth.


Emotions are stored in the amygdala gland in the brain, and in different parts of our body including organs, as well as in our DNA. Essential oils* are used because they are one of the only things on earth capable of penetrating through the blood/brain barrier, thus the ability to release stored emotions and traumas from inside the brain. Essential oils are placed on specific target points of the body during sessions to help remove stored toxins from organs and DNA. For example, the liver stores emotional toxins of anger; specific oils placed over the liver will help release that toxin. Some oils spin the helix of the DNA counterclockwise causing emotional toxins to be released, other oils clean the strands, still others cause the helix to spin clockwise again to re-program a clean cellular structure free of emotional, even physical, toxins.


During an Emotional Release session, you may experience flashbacks or think about things from the past -- or you may experience little emotion; but there is always a change.


Are you stuck in a cycle of grief, emotional pain, or behavior cycle that you wish you could break free from and move forward? Do you feel stuck? Emotional toxins can cause pain or fatigue in the physical body, as well as negative feelings and behaviors in adults and children. Emotional Release Technique is a natural alternative to drugs for anxiety, depression, fears, pain, OCD's, bi-polar disorder, chronic fatigue, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, and many other conditions.


Procedure: while client is lying on a table, essential oils are applied to the head, the feet, and to different areas of the body where emotional toxins are stored. (Please bring old comfortable clothes - tank top and shorts.) Sessions may take from 1 1/2 to 4 hours.



*Young Living Oils are used.  They are the only brand NOT diluted with synthetic methyl saliciate, synthetic vanilllin, or other synthetics. Other brands may say "100% pure" or "therapeutic grade", but they are allowed to say that in marketing. Even a little bit of synthetic will change the outcome in an emotional release! We use the YL brand because it is sent to a third party lab after each batch is bottled to ensure purity and consistency. This brand is ingestible, which is sometimes necessary during an emotional release.



I had an emotional release and slept well for the first time in 3 years! ~S


My emotions had been shut down for so long in my life, but after I had my first emotional release I began to have some feelings. I've had a few sessions now and my emotions are now more full range and I'm not afraid to feel anymore. ~J


I was going through court proceedings, so I came to you and had an emotional release session. I also used some oils on a daily basis. I was able to go through the whole court process with courage and strength. Thank you! ~A


During my emotional release session, I had the memory of my near drowning incident from when I was 12 years old. Suddenly, I started coughing up water out of my lungs! After the session, I felt peace, and a great weight was removed. I now respect the water, but do not have fear when I am near the Lake. ~R



*Tank top and soft shorts are suggested for comfort. Oils will be applied to shoulders and feet numerous times. Oils may also applied to stomach, back, and knees. Regarding some areas, such as heart and bladder, the client is asked to apply the oils. If someone has been extremely traumatized, we do not have to touch the body at all, but will work by aromas and holding a few inches away from the body.


** We have experience with clients having abusive pasts such as sexual abuse and trauma including, but not limited to, ritualistic abuse. This is a safe place.



You can now get Kangen Water at our clinic.  Kangen Water is alkalizing, anti-oxidant, and more easily absorbed than other waters.

Due to chemical sensitivies, we ask that you refrain from wearing perfume or cologne when you visit our office.  Thank you for your cooperation!

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