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After Carol worked on my back, I felt so good I forgot my cane.


A.D., Local Resident




My son coughing non-stop with allergies through day and night six months out of the year was his normal for four years. When he was 6 years old, I took him to see         Dr. Carol Hoekstra with hopes of improvement. That one appointment changed his life. It has been 16 months since that appointment, and Colton has not coughed with allergies since the day he saw her. He (and I!) now sleep through the night and I remain shocked and astonished that one day, one appointment, can change a life. I am forever grateful.


Amanda Conklin, Charlevoix, MI




Dr. Carol has really helped me physically and emotionally. I was referred to her from my mother who lives in Ludington.  I came to see Carol after a recent injury. She helped to detox my body and my soul. She helped me to let go of some emotional baggage that helped me heal physically as well.  The foot bath detox and emotional release are two of the services she offers that I have come to live by. Whenever I go to Ludington, MI I always visit Dr. Carol. 


Zoe Renee, New York, New York - Creative Director & Fashion Stylist of UnZIP Magazine




Our son was very sick with Lyme's disease and getting worse. We took him to see      Dr. Hoekstra at Ludington Holistic Health because we were out of options.  The protocol that was suggested not only eliminated all symptoms, but opened our eyes to a healthier way of life.


B.H., Local Resident




Dr. Carol's services are ABSOLUTELY wonderful!  The raindrop massage relieved pain that any amount of pain relief meds and numerous chiropractic adjustments couldn't for my husband.  The foot bath with reflexology is AWESOME too.  Thank you, Dr. Carol.  You are THE BEST!


J.S., Area Resident




My dear friend is suffering from premature dementia. She would rage so terribly that she was nearly kicked out of her assisted living home. Right after one emotional clearing session with Dr. Carol, the rages against the care staff and the figments of her imagination stopped. It’s been more than a year and she hasn’t had another rage fit.


Elizabeth D., Local Resident




I have two older rescue dogs that were abused in their former home.  They both had two Emotion Code Release sessions in conjunction with Bach flower remedies and essential oils.  We noticed an immediate difference after the first visit for one dog and for the other one after the second visit.  They are much more relaxed and at ease now.  I would highly recommend this treatment if you have pets that are anxious or are new to your home.


S.U., Local Resident




I always feel welcomed, accepted, and cared for when I come in to see Dr. Carol.  I am always pleased and satisfied with the results and also the outcome.


T.S., Local Resident




Dr.Carol has worked with and helped me and several of my family members.  She is truly passionate about helping others.  Dr. Carol is extremely knowledgeable about many healing modalities and always knows exactly what I need at the time.


I was experiencing some issues related to stress.  I had the BioEnergetic scan to help identify what my body was lacking.  Along with the minerals and supplements, I also had the foot detox and raindrop therapy massage.  Those items set me on the path for healing.  An interesting thing to note is that I had some questionable things in my routine blood work and once I started the holistic healing process and returned for my follow-up blood work, the questionable item did not show up.


Stress can cause many health and even emotion-related issues.  In order to not allow the stress to take over and cause physical issues, I try to do a better job of releasing the stress prior to it causing health issues.  I recommend the Emotion Code Release session, Massage, and also a Balance Session.


I am truly grateful for Dr. Carol.  She has helped me and my family tremendously.  She is compassionate, caring, and dedicated to helping others.


S.K., Local Resident




Because of my interactions with Dr. Hoekstra, I have begun using essential oils.  I am amazed how effective the oils are.  My favorite is Lavender, not just the scent but for the healing properties.  I had a bad cut that wasn't healing.  I had been applying bacitracin for days and it was not healing.  Dr. Carol suggested using Young Living's Lavender Essential Oil.  I was amazed at the results; it was almost immediate.  After the first application, I noticed a difference and after a few days it was totally healed.  Lavender is my go to essential oil for burns and cuts.  Dr. Carol is very knowledgeable about the oils and is who I consult when I am in need of something.  I have been adding to my essential oil collection and am amazed by the various benefits of each one.


Ludington Resident




I have made a lot of progress with Carol.  She is very willing to try different strategies with me until we find what works.


C.A., Ludington Resident



You can now get Kangen Water at our clinic.  Kangen Water is alkalizing, anti-oxidant, and more easily absorbed than other waters.

Due to chemical sensitivies, we ask that you refrain from wearing perfume or cologne when you visit our office.  Thank you for your cooperation!

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